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Kennedy Dressage offers individualized training for both you and your horse; young horses, competition horses, horses coming back from injury or amateurs looking to have fun. Contact Ashley for more information about training options.

Kennedy Dressage at Final Decision Farm


Kennedy Dressage is located at Final Decision Farm in Woodbine, MD. FDF offers a 72x160 indoor arena, a fenced in outdoor arena and plenty of acres for hacking. 

Draper Therapies


Meet one of our sponsors, Draper Therapies. Draper makes amazing products for horses and humans...and we use almost all of them!  Check them out: https://www.drapertherapies.com/

Here‘s the science behind it: Draper Therapies uses Celliant in their products. Celliant is comprised of 13 safe, naturally occurring, thermo-reactive minerals for their unique properties and combined them into a patented and clinically proven formula.
Some of the minerals include:
 Titanium Dioxide selected for its photocatalyst (light absorbing) properties. Silicone Dioxide selected for its energy reflection and absorption properties. Aluminum Oxide selected for its ability to increase reflectivity
. Also, products containing Celliant are clinically proven to enhance tissue oxygen levels (hence the bit about speeding up muscle recovery). This natural, biological process improves circulation resulting in an average increase in tissue oxygenation of 7%. The result is that your body uses oxygen more efficiently. Because it's made of a blend of minerals and not solely ceramic, Celliant acts as a thermoregulator, not only a heat reflector (that accounts for the wearers being able to stay cooler underneath the garments).
Celliant is also FDA approved!

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We are at the farm 7 days a week, just let us know when you’d like to stop by.